Reimagine Your Home's Floorplan

Start with a drywall installation in the Simi Valley, CA area

Drywall is an extremely versatile building material found in properties throughout the world. Its low cost, simple installation process and extreme flame resistance have made it a popular choice in homes and businesses since the 1940s. If you're building a new home or renovating an older property, Voorhees Home Remodeling can provide your drywall installation in the Simi Valley, CA area.

Our family-owned business has two decades of experience installing drywall for kitchen remodeling and other renovation projects. During our kitchen remodeling services, we can completely tear out old walls and start fresh with any floorplan you'd like. Call today to set up an appointment.

Common reasons to schedule drywall installation

Drywall installations aren't just for new construction projects. You can also hire us if...

  • You have major fire or water damage and need to replace your walls
  • You'd like to reshape your floorplan to add and subtract rooms
  • Your old home has wood plank or brick walls that you'd like removed

After an initial consultation, we'll provide a free estimate and get right to work. Speak with a contractor based in the Simi Valley, CA area today to get started.