Upgrade Your Outdated Sink and Faucet

Plan a new sink and faucet installation in Simi Valley, CA

You likely use your kitchen sink several times each day. From washing vegetables to cleaning dishes, an efficient and reliable sink can make daily tasks a whole lot easier. If you haven't replaced your old plumbing in decades, it's time to contact Voorhees Home Remodeling for a sink and faucet installation in the Simi Valley, CA area.

We have over two decades of experience providing home remodeling services and offer a range of sink and faucet models from leading manufacturers. Once you've chosen your model, we'll install the whole unit without a hitch. Ask us about our affordable prices now by calling 805-433-4211.

Why should you replace your sink during a remodel?

Getting started on a home remodeling project? If you're already replacing your flooring and countertops in your kitchen, why not add a sink and faucet installation to the list? Replacing your outdated plumbing fixtures will:

  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Eliminate the risk of a complete breakdown
  • Cut off leaks and drips to lower your water bill

Many modern faucets have amazing features like hands-free use and even smart home controls. We'll install a gorgeous sink that will look great in your home for decades to come. Hire our team in the Simi Valley, CA area today.